Name of the Project:  Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV

Supported / funded by:Aum Foundation

Duration1st October 2010 to 30th June 2013

Goals   Expanding access to information and services related to HIV prevention, testing, treatment, care and support

Objective: To increase access to HIV testing services in urban Ahmadabad



Locations / Branches involved: Ahmadabad, Gujarat District.


Brief description (100 words)

VCT is an effective strategy for facilitating behavior for clients. Different studies have shown the effects of VCT including a decrease in unprotectedsexual intercourse,reduction in multiple partners, increase in condom use, and more clientschoosing abstinence. It’s an important entry point to other HIV/AIDS services, including prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT), prevention and management of HIV related illnesses, and social support. FPAIndia has integrated Voluntary Counseling and testing services into its sexual and reproductive health centres. In 2009, 30,962 persons availed pre-test counseling of which 22,333 clients accessed HIV testing services and 463 were referred to other testing centres. VCT acceptance in the branches is increasing steadily since 2005.



Any noteworthy / special comment or case studies/ stories

Within a short period able to develop strong partnership with NGOs and government officials and strong advocacy helped  to reduce stigma and discrimination and awareness in community about HIV and AIDS. Project staff identified seven Clients and referred them for care and support as they were diagnosed at an early stage.Project received good support of Government Officials and Ahmedabad Municipal AIDS Control Society.

Result/ progress/ impact (if any) (100 words)


·         63,000 populations reached out through various Educational Sessions, awareness programs, Advocacy, Inter Personal Contacts etc. More than 3,000 persons were given prevention counseling and 2,071personsavailed voluntary &counseling HIV testing service. Thirteen persons who tested positive for HIV were referred to ART centre.  Thirteen condom depots were established in the community.

Inauguration of V.C.T.Centre, Thakkarbapanagar

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