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Family Planning Association of India (FPA India)
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FPA India is a founder member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world's largest non-governmental organisation and advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights having Member Associations in 149 countries and working in several other countries.


FPA India provides services, support and care across the country through 40 branches and 3 projects which are:


Training and Capacity Building

Training is a key component in the FPA India programme. FPA India started providing training to health care providers as early as 1952 in the sphere of family planning services including sterilisation.


Medical and Clinical Services

A team of competent and compassionate health care providers, a very good referral network and health care workers who strive to maintain quality of care while providing reproductive and sexual health services including family planning to beneficiaries from all walks of life.


Enhancing Male Involvement

Conducts advocacy campaigns and educational programmes that cut across all levels of the male population to sensitise men on gender issues and increase male participation in reproductive health promotion. Also, provides clinical services to men with reproductive health problems beyond family planning and services for sexually transmitted diseases.


Young people are Our Future

FPA India believes that Educating and shaping the young is shaping our future. FPA India has been addressing the concerns of young people in a holistic manner through its 36 sex Education, Counselling, Research, Training / Therapy (SECRT) centers across the country.


Protecting the Rights of the Girl Child

FPA India addresses the need of adolescent girls because a large proportion of them, particularly in rural areas get married before the legal age of 18 years and become mothers. FPA India advocates that girls should complete their schooling and marry at 18 or later when they are physically and mentally mature. The incidence of teenage pregnancy too is greater among the poor and underprivileged. FPA India provides information, advice and health care services to adolescent girls.

Face to face with HIV/AIDS

FPA India considers HIV/AIDS a high priority area and is meeting the challenge with a number of intervention projects.


Empowering Women

Women are central to any change that FPA India aspires to bring about. Working with women and their problems for past 50 years has given FPA India the insight into their problems and it has developed effective ways of dealing with them.


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