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Name of the Project: Linkages in Concentrated Epidemics


Supported / funded by            IPPF – Norad                                   

Duration                                           : January 2012 to 31st December 2012

Goals                                   Create demand and supply services for MSM, TG and key populations in specific sites

Objectives                        : Increase access to information and services to Key Population groups

Locations / Branches involved    : Pune, Solapur, Mumbai in Maharashra, Hyderabad in AP, South Kanara, Bangalore, Belgaum and Bangalore in Karnataka

Brief description ( 100 words)

The bi-directional linkages between SRH and HIV-related policies and programmes can lead to a number of important public health, socio-economic, and individual benefits.FPAI recognizes the imperative of addressing the SRH needs of people living with HIV. Strengthening essential and linked SRH and HIV services in concentrated HIV epidemics will allow FPAI to support the creation of ‘stigma-free zones’ through the delivery of integrated services such as male SRH and HIV services; hepatitis A and B services linked to STI management; and facilitated referral mechanisms for other services.

Any noteworthy / special comment or case studies/ stories

Sensitization programs helped the staff to understand the needs of PLHIV. The findings of the PLHIV Stigma Index study conducted at Tamil Nadu was shared by  giving example as how these groups are discriminated specially the double stigma faced by MSM and TG while accessing services. The rights of women living with HIV to have their own family and decide on having children were discussed as it is a common impression that PLHIV should not have children as their life span is short. These myths and misconceptions were clarified. The discussions also had a Branch Executive Committee (BEC) coopted member clarifying their doubts and how stigma impedes the life of PLHIV. It was observed that after the implementation of this project many PLHIV who had been co-opted as members of the BEC joined IPPF+ and the management also taken a decision to coopt a member in the Central Executive Committee.

Result/ progress/ impact ( if any) ( 100 words)

During this short span, branches were able to contact 3378 key population groups of which 1292 are living with HIV. Besides this, 3123 PLHIV from the general community and2938  from the general population were also contacted  and provided various SRH and HIV related services.


60 health sessions were conducted at the places either near to their cruising sites or where they reside (in the case of sex workers it was at the brothel or at their CBO office) .This arrangement helped many to access the services like VCT, treatment for RTI/STI, information on Safe Abortion, family planning methods, Hepatitis B screening and vaccination and for other general ailments. Total 9439 clients benefitted from these health sessions. The partner organizations and clients were impressed by the stigma free services provided by FPA India staff and for the medicines “ it is the first time that nobody asked me to go for HIV testing and provided safe abortion service without any discrimination , I am really impressed and now I will tell all my friends” – a female sex worker who availed safe abortion service from one of the reproductive health clinic at Pune. The sex workers from Pune were paying more for safe abortion services from the private health care providers earlier.

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