The year 2011 was the beginning of the Strategic Plan 2011-15. This Strategic Plan pushed the margins higher for covering ten percent of India's population. The focus for this strategic plan period is on the poor, marginalised and socially excluded groups of people. These are the people whose health care, particularly of sexual and reproductive health, is neglected due to access - that of distance, affordability and realisation of their health and well-being.

In 2011, FPA India garnered support to promote and to provide SRH information and services. The beginning of the new strategic plan period saw a dramatic increase in the population coverage as also in the number of services provided to an exceptionally large clientele.

A total number of 4,196 service outlets provided SRH information and services to a wide section of nearly 24 million population. SRH services were provided directly through FPA India managed 40 static clinics (RHFPCs), 24 Urban Welfare Centres, 93 Outreach units, additional with support from to 3,286 CBDs and 502 private practitioners and 164 adolescent friendly centres and 251 other agencies at the community level who were identified and trained by FPA India. This was supported by 3,501 policy level volunteers at 40 Branches/Projects, over 93,000 volunteers at the community level and over 1,000 staff. Over 6,000 local voluntary groups including SHGs with a total membership of 94,083 persons, 4,692 Peer Educators and 991 NGOs (153 signed MoUs) supported FPA India programmes. Thirty Branch Executive Committees and two Project Liaison Committees have co-opted one HIV positive person to provide guidance in the HIV programme of FPA India.

During the year, FPA India covered nearly 24 million population, provided nearly, 4,000,000 services to over 1,000,000 clients which included 263,695 children, 53,038 adolescents (10-19 years) and 247,164 clients between 20-24 years of age (Table 3). Most (96%) of the clients served were poor (<$2pd).

Proportion of Services provided in 2011

Proportion of Services provided in 2011

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