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All the donations to FPA India are 100% tax exempted under section 80-G   |   FPA India does not accept the donations in cash.

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With a strong history of 60 years, FPA India has a list of supporters supported threw leaving a legacy to FPA India.

What is a legacy giving?
A legacy giving is a provision in a Will to donate to a charitable cause. This enables the gifting of property, an insurance policy, cash or other assets from your estate to a designated organisation such as Family planning Association of India. Such instructions in your Will enable you to gift to those closest to you as well as helping people in need.
Leaving a legacy to FPA India guarantees you will continue to help improve the lives of the most vulnerable people.

How do I set one up?
   -  A legacy is established through writing a Will.
   -  Making a Will ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.
   -  Your Will enables you to gift to those closest to you as well as helping people
      in need. Your gift can make a real difference to the most vulnerable people and
      the future generations that follow them.
   -  In India, bequests have helped FPA India alleviate supporting quality health
      services and provide SRHR information and services to millions over years.
  -   Legacy to FPA India will help to make our valuable and important work

What is involved in writing a will?
If you do not have a Will we recommend you see a solicitor or a Trust Company. You will receive professional advice and can be sure that your wishes will be achieved. To find someone to help prepare your Will, you can refer to the Trustees, Executors & Attorneys section of the Yellow Pages.

You will need to:

  • Make a list of everyone who you wish to see benefit from your Will, such as family, friends and charities. These are known as beneficiaries of your Will.
  • Make a list of your assets including stocks and shares, property, possessions, savings, investments and life insurance.
  • Know what you would like each of the beneficiaries to receive. • Decide who you will appoint as Executor of your Will
  • See a solicitor or a Trust Company to have your Will drawn up.
  • Keep a copy of your Will in a safe place.

If you have already made a Will, but would like to include a gift to FPA India in it, you can do so by asking your solicitor or Trust Company to make a simple addition to your existing Will.

Making a Legacy to FPA India is simple
A gift to FPA India is a gift that makes a difference and lives on in memory.
We hope that you will consider leaving a legacy to FPA India. Your gift will help future generations of vulnerable people.

Ways you can help FPA India in your legacy includes;
  • Provide a percentage or entire of your estate to FPA India.
  • Gift the amount left over from your estate once you have provided for loved ones.
  • Leave a fixed amount of money to FPA India. - Leave specified items or property to FPA India.
  • Gift a life insurance policy to FPA India.

If you wish to tag your legacy for a specific purpose rather than for general FPA India purposes, we recommend you discuss this with FPA India, before you complete your Will. This will ensure your gift can be used in the way you intend.

Further Information
For further information about making a legacy, the work of FPA India, or any other enquiry please contact us.