Youth Education on Sexuality (YES) Project, Agra


The Project offered a unique opportunity to young persons to improve their sexual and reproductive helath status. It works in 360 villages of Agra district where more than 4 in 10 girls are married by 16 years of age and 6 in 10 become mothers by 18 with almost no exposure to sexuality education.

A network of 822 community groups of young persons and their parents; 418 learning centers known as Yuva Sutras in schools and community settings; and two community resources have been created with facilities for counseling, health care, vocational training, knowledge enrichment as well as recreational and cultural activities. The Project also focuses on advocacy, capacity building, access to information and services and participation in decision-making. Two Youth Action Committees in Kheragarh and Kiroli sub divisions manage the programme.

Sexuality education is given through formal and non-formal channels including distance learning courses. Counseling is done with the help of 4,208 community facilitators comprising peer educators and community counselors. Today, awareness and education in reproductive health issues is high among young boys and girls. A marked change in attitudes and beliefs is visible as well as confidence gained in facing the future.