AFP-PAI Opportunity Fund

During the initial three months of the AFP-PAI Opportunity Fund Project, various higher learning institutions (HLIS) and universities in Karnataka (in the districts of Bengaluru, Dharwad, Ballari and Mysuru) and Madhya Pradesh (Gwalior district) were identified to establish youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health (SRH) centres.

Branch nameUniversity / college
BengaluruBengaluru Central University and Bangalore University
MysuruUniversity of Mysore
DharwadKarnatak University
BallariVijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University
GwaliorJiwaji University, VISM College and Maharaja Mansingh College

The branch leads in all five locations were able to contact these universities and convince them that this project would help them provide the link between effective approaches to improving the health and well-being of young population and its impact upon student recruitment, academic achievement and student retention.


Current status

  • All the five locations have identified consultants / consultancy agencies to:

    a) Develop a white / position paper on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) in the HLIs to help the HLIs (vice chancellors / deans) understand the existing scenario of SRH in the local area and state.

    b) Assist in developing consensus among healthcare providers, psychiatrists, health experts, sexologists, counsellors, relevant government officials, etc to promote and address the need for SRH information and services. They shall also assist the branch manager in creating a referral network and private and public healthcare facilities in the area for effective, discrimination and stigma free service delivery for the youth.

    c) Assist in building capacities of individuals (students and youth leaders) identified as SRH champions in SRH communication, counseling and advocacy skills.

    d) Prepare a master document / operational guideline with all the suggested infrastructure, cost involved, personnel needed, methods and other related / relevant guidelines to open and run a successful SRH clinic in colleges and universities

  • The consultants, along with the branch managers, have started student engagement and planned activities with the universities and HLIs (interviews, debate competitions, etc) to showcase the demand for youth-friendly SRH centres. The teams in these locations have also started dissemination of position papers to vice chancellors / directors / board of directors, students and civil society organisations to showcase the youth and SRH-related data of the area or lack of it.
  • Work around building capacities of individuals identified, in communication, counseling and advocacy skills, has started.
  • The final goal of the teams is help develop consensus among healthcare providers, psychiatrists, health experts / sexologists or counsellors to promote and address the need for SRH information and services. They will also assist the HLIs in establishing referral networks with public and private healthcare facilities and link it with SRH centres open in these institutes.
Models of Programming for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care developed under VICALP

Models of Programming for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care developed under VICALP

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