Organisational Effectiveness and Accountability

A high performing, accountable and efficient organization driven by a culture of excellence


Enhance volunteer commitment to good governance relevant to the changing context

Governance is about ensuring that an association or organisation runs effectively and follows good practices. At FPA India, governance is provided by people who are enrolled as volunteers and who represent different levels of society and come from diverse backgrounds.

Enhanced volunteer participation through regular meetings, seminars and cross learning sessions with staff members and field is undertaken. Induction programmes for new volunteers on a quarterly basis, capacity building of volunteers in key areas of leadership, advocacy and resource mobilization and a system to track volunteer initiatives and activities in this regard are implemented. A system to involve senior volunteers in leadership and management at the FPA India headquarters will be developed.

Robust systems and processes including accountability mechanisms for effective management

A policy manual including ISO, HR, IT, MIS is in place. FPA India envisages development and adherence to policies, guidelines, training guidelines and manuals related to donor selection, commodities procurement, supply chain management, management and finance audits. The approach is to review and update existing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the development of new SOPs as the case maybe for HR, Finance, M&E, Procurement and commodities. Strengthening of the human resource policy into an all-encompassing document including recruitment processes, induction manual and covering human resource management and development is a priority.

Ensure evidence-based decision making for supporting SRHR and Sustainable Development agenda

Strategically planned research studies pertaining to SRHR are carried out and published/presented at national and international fora. Baseline/endline surveys, evaluations, needs assessments and other studies using appropriate research methodologies are carried out to ascertain programmatic/project gaps and achievements to support scaleable models and further the SRHR agenda and to use as learning case studies within the organisation. Evidence building is furthered through documentation and IT enabled monitoring processes and systems to monitor programmatic progression. Monitoring visits are made to ensure data quality. Data utilisation and systems strengthening is integral to stay on track with programme implementation.

Build a well-resourced and financially stable organization

Resource Mobilization involves securing additional resources and maximising existing resources, integral to organizational efficiency. It is a priority objective for FPA India to ensure improved performance against all the committed programme deliverables, innova tions, scale-ups, stronger partnerships and organizational sustainability.

Association with existing fund-raising events like the Tata Mumbai Marathon, organizing charity musical evenings-Sunehari Shaam, securing project-based grants from bilateral/multilateral/government agencies and corporates in addition to setting up a pilot social enterprise venture are some of our initiatives for sustained resource mobilization.